Friday’s Photo

Our friends from Stamford Bridge came to visit us last year, as they had done the year before.   And they told our visitors all about the second battle of  1066 when King Harold, after an amazing march from the south, pitted his army against the forces of the Norwegian King Harold Hardrada and his own brother, Tostig, winning a great victory at Stamford Bridge. Here’s Chris Rock at their tent.

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Harald Hardrada’s descendant is coming to Stamford Bridge

We have established strong links with the Battle of Stamford Bridge Society, (BOSBS), and indeed their Chris Rock came down to King Harold Day last October.   Our photo shows the Battle of Stamford Bridge stall at King Harold Day 2012.

That battle, of course, took place on 25 September 1066, when King Harold II of England KHD2012- (154)and his army defeated the army of King Harald Hardrada of Norway.

Now we learn that the BOSBS have a bit of a coup themselves this month as a descendant of King Harald Hardrada will be guest speaker at one of their meetings.   This is what they say about it:-

A REAL Viking comes to Stamford Bridge 

Yes we are happy to have as guest speaker on 21st February 2013, a living descendant of King Harald Sigurdsson (Hardrada), Jarl Gunnar Olafsson.   On Gunnar’s Facebook page he explains how in Iceland the family name traces the heritage of when and where they originate from; one tradition they still hold on to dearly, unlike other countries.   The Icelandic groups are new to the re-enactment scene, although they do have lots of societies and history groups, but as far as putting on public shows it’s all new territory for them;  in fact the head of the Vikings’ York group, the Volsung Vikings, recently went to Iceland to show them how to act and fight like a Viking….bizarre! 

Just hope Gunnar has forgiven us for the death of his great ancestor here in 1066.”



Anniversary of Battle of Stamford Bridge

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066.

King Harold II, Harold Godwinsson, was victorious in this great battle, which followed an heroic dash north when news was heard that Harald Hardrada and Tostig, (King Harold’s brother), had landed and were making for York.

The northern earls lost to the Vikings at Fulford on 20th September, but when Harald Hardrada and Tostig went to Stamford Bridge to receive hostages, they were surprised by King Harold and defeated, with both Harald Hardrada and Tostig being killed.

We send our good wishes to our friends at Stamford Bridge on this special day.