Fulford – soldiers of today leave for battle

You don’t often see a sign like this.    It’s really good to see such a smart Fulford sign  –  Fulford, the first of the three battles of 1066.   And also good to send our best wishes to 2nd Signal Regiment who are preparing to leave York for an operational tour in Helmand province.

A special pre-deployment service was held for them at St Oswald’s Church, Fulford, and more than 250 soldiers marched down the main street headed by their Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Colin Vaudin.

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Anniversary of Battle of Stamford Bridge

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066.

King Harold II, Harold Godwinsson, was victorious in this great battle, which followed an heroic dash north when news was heard that Harald Hardrada and Tostig, (King Harold’s brother), had landed and were making for York.

The northern earls lost to the Vikings at Fulford on 20th September, but when Harald Hardrada and Tostig went to Stamford Bridge to receive hostages, they were surprised by King Harold and defeated, with both Harald Hardrada and Tostig being killed.

We send our good wishes to our friends at Stamford Bridge on this special day.