A language comparison

Interesting post on Facebook today highlights how our language has changed over the years:-

MODERN ENGLISH  –  My soul, bless thou the Lord, and all things that be within me, bless His holy name.

MIDDLE ENGLISH (16th CENTURY)  –  Mi soule, blesse thou the Lord; and alle thingis that ben with ynne me, blesse His hooli name.

OLD ENGLISH (11th CENTURY)  –  Bletsa, mine sawle, bliðe drihten, and eall min inneran his þone ecan naman.


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6th January 1066 was Harold’s Coronation Day

Harold Godwinsson, Earl of Wessex and East Anglia, was crowned King Harold II of England on this day in 1066. The coronation took place in the late Edward the Confessor’s new Westminster Abbey, the first coronation to take place there, although William of Normandy’s supporters will tell you that his was the first coronation there. So a great man, the last Anglo Saxon King of England was crowned.

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