The Anglo Saxon Chronicle

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE  A.D. 616 . This year died Ethelbert, king of Kent, the first of English kings that received baptism. He reigned fifty-six winters, and was succeeded by his son Eadbald. This Eadbald renounced his baptism, and lived in a heathen manner; so that he took to wife the relict of his father.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE  A.D 634.  This year Osric, whom Paulinus baptized, succeeded to the government of Deira. He was the son of Elfric, the uncle of Edwin.  And to Bernicia succeeded Eanfrith, son of Ethelfrith. This year also Bishop Birinus first preached baptism to the West-Saxons, under King Cynegils. The said Birinus went thither by the command of Pope Honorius; and he was bishop there to the end of his life. Oswald also this year succeeded to the government of the Northumbrians, and reigned nine winters. The ninth year was assigned to him on account of the heathenism in which those lived who reigned that one year betwixt him and Edwin.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE  A.D. 635    –   This year King Cynegils was baptized by Bishop Birinus at Dorchester; and Oswald, king of the Northumbrians, was his sponsor.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE  A.D. 640 . This year died Eadbald, King of Kent, after a reign of twenty-five winters. He had two sons, Ermenred and Erkenbert; and Erkenbert reigned there after his father. He overturned all the idols in the kingdom, and first of English kings appointed a fast before Easter. His daughter was called Ercongota – holy damsel of an illustrious sire! whose mother was Sexburga, the daughter of Anna, king of the East-Angles. Ermenred also begat two sons, who were afterwards martyred by Thunnor.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE  A.D. 644 .   This year died at Rochester, on the tenth of October, Paulinus, who was first Archbishop at York, and afterwards at Rochester. He was bishop nineteen winters, two months, and one and twenty days. This year the son of Oswy’s uncle (Oswin), the son of Osric, assumed the government of Deira, and reigned seven winters.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE  A.D. 645 . This year King Kenwal was driven from his dominion by King Penda.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE   A.D. 648 . This year Kenwal gave his relation Cuthred three thousand hides of land by Ashdown. Cuthred was the son of Cwichelm, Cwichelm of Cynegils.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE  A.D. 651 . This year King Oswin was slain, on the twentieth day of August; and within twelve nights afterwards died Bishop Aidan, on the thirty-first of August.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE  A.D. 652. This year Kenwal fought at Bradford by the Avon.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE   A.D 655    This year Penda was slain at Wingfield, and thirty royal personages with him, some of whom were kings. One of them was Ethelhere, brother of Anna, king of the East-Angles. The Mercians after this became Christians…

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE A.D. 667 .   This year Oswy and Egbert sent Wighard, a priest, to Rome, that he might be consecrated there Archbishop of Canterbury; but he died as soon as he came thither.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE  A.D. 670 .   This year died Oswy, King of Northumberland, on the fifteenth day before the calends of March; and Egferth his son reigned after him. Lothere, the nephew of Bishop Egelbert, succeeded to the bishopric over the land of the West-Saxons, and held it seven years. He was consecrated by Archbishop Theodore. Oswy was the son of Ethelfrith, Ethelfrith of Ethelric, Ethelric of Ida, Ida of Eoppa.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE   A.D. 672 .   This year died King Cenwal; and Sexburga his queen held the government one year after him.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE   A.D 679.   This year Elwin was slain, and died St.Etheldrith.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE   A.D. 684.   This year Everth sent an army against the Scots, under the command of his alderman, Bright, who lamentably plundered and burned the churches of God.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE  A.D. 906.   This year King Edward, from necessity, concluded a peace both with the army of East Anglia and of Northumbria.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE   A.D. 907.    This year died Alfred, who was governor of Bath. The same year was concluded the peace at Hitchingford, as King Edward decreed, both with the Danes of East Anglia, and those of Northumberland; and Chester was rebuilt.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE   A.D. 925.   This year died King Edward, and Athelstan was chosen king and consecrated. St. Dunstan was now born; and Wulfhelm took to the archbishopric in Canterbury.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE   A.D. 945 .  This year King Edmund overran all Cumberland; and let it all to Malcolm king of the Scots, on the condition that he became his ally, both by sea and land.

ANGLO SAXON CHRONICLE    A.D. 946.   This year King Edmund died, on St. Augustine’s mass day and then succeeded to the kingdom Edred Atheling his brother, who soon after reduced all the land of the Northumbrians to his dominion; and the Scots gave him oaths, that they would do all that he desired.


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