Come and welcome 1066 Marchers to Waltham Abbey tomorrow


Here’s the 1066 York to Hastings Marchers at Audley End, which they reached today.   They will be arriving at Waltham Abbey Gateway tomorrow afternoon, Thursday, about 5 pm.  (EN9 1XQ).

Do come and join us at the Gateway to welcome them.   And the Abbey bells will also peal out a welcome.   Then we will move to the rear of the Abbey, the east side, where we shall re-enact King Harold II praying at the miraculous Holy Cross of Waltham for victory in the coming battle against Duke William of Normandy.   Legend has it that the figure on the Cross bowed its head.   This was taken as a bad omen for the battle, and was right as at the Battle of Senlac Hill, popularly known as the Battle of Hastings, King Harold lost his life.   So the last Anglo Saxon King of England was no more.


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King Harold Day 2014 – Procession and Ceremony

Here’s a video of the Procession through the town centre and the ceremony at the King Harold Memorial Stone in the Abbey Churchyard on King Harold Day at Waltham Abbey, Saturday 11 October 2014.   We were lucky with the weather, and it was a very successful day.

The day commemorates Harold Godwinsson, the last Anglo Saxon King of England, who was killed on 14 October 1066 at the Battle of Senlac Hill.

This is the link.

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The Ancestor of the Abbey of Waltham

Many strangers passing through the lovely Abbey Gardens at Waltham Abbey  –  and The Ancestor and the Church Centreperhaps a few locals too  –  see just a wooden post standing in the middle of some grass.   Their eyes probably don’t take in the shape carved into the wood.   But here, in the best picture of The Ancestor (as it is actually called) that I have ever seen, it is quite clear what the post is.   It is a tall, thin medieval monk looking out over the site of his monastery.   In Waltham Abbey’s case he would have been an Augustinian Canon.   His hands are clasped in front of him;  his head is cowled;  and his features are very clear.

Many thanks to Henry Ward Property Solutions for a wonderful photograph and permission to use it.

Photo of the Day – A Teutonic Knight

A Teutonic Knight makes his way from his tent to the Abbey.   King Harold Day, Waltham Abbey, 13 October 2012.    

Photograph  –  Jonathan Foster

KHD2012- (80)B Teutonic Knight (375x800)

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