2016 – 950th Anniversary of The Year of King Harold

Today is the 951st anniversary of the Coronation at Westminster Abbey of King Harold II, the Lord of the Manor of Waltham and founder of what became the Great Abbey. 

It marks the end of our Year of King Harold at Waltham Abbey when we celebrated the 950th anniversary of the important 1066 dates. We began with Compline for a Coronation in the Abbey on the 6 January 2016. During the year we went on to have a major exhibition at the Museum on King Harold II, his Life and Legacy. We welcomed English Heritage’s 1066 March to the town when armoured horsemen rode at some speed through gridlocked traffic to the Abbey and we then re-enacted King Harold praying at the Holy Cross of Waltham before continuing his journey to Hastings. Then we had the 2016 King Harold Day. This was followed by a Day Conference held at the Town Hall, and organized by the Museum, which attracted renowned speakers on King Harold, the Bayeux Tapestry and the 1066 story. Finally there was a talk on King Harold at the Museum. 

Many thanks to all those who helped to arrange the programme of events, who took part or who watched as it all took place.

We believe we have done the anniversary proud and that Waltham Abbey has lived up to its name as “King Harold’s Town”. We will continue to protect and promote the last Anglo Saxon King of England and the rich history of Waltham Abbey.