Beau stars in Poldark

We’ve noticed that the Lloyds Bank television Black Raven K H Day 2010  (161)advert has been shown again in the last week or so.

Did you know that lovely, sleek black stallion that appears in it is Beau, who comes to King Harold Day and enchants young and old alike.

He really is a star.   This week he has been down in Cornwall filming the next series of Poldark.   

If the weather has allowed filming to progress to the finish, then he’ll be at King Harold Day, with his usual rider, The Black Raven Knight.    Well, let’s hope filming has gone well so we can enjoy having Beau with us once again.


King Harold Day admission price slashed

It’s King Harold Day on Saturday (10th October) in the lovely Abbey Gardens at Waltham Abbey, EN9 1XQ.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Saturday’s programme and attractions have had to be changed.

We have therefore slashed our admission prices for this year only.

All Adults    £2

Children accompanied by adults  –  free of charge

There are still loads of great things to see, including:- magnificent birds of prey; dancers; tours of the Abbey; medieval musicians; visits to the Abbey’s Bell Ringing Chamber; Morris Dancers; animals’ bees; exhibitions; a recital of special music for King Harold Day in the Abbey; a craft fair; a vintage Rolls Royce; Epping Ongar Railway’s Supercar; the English Companions who will show you weapons and objects from medieval times; artwork by the town’s primary schools in the Abbey; a procession through the town centre and a ceremony at the King Harold Memorial Stone in the Churchyard; lots of hands on things for children to do; Have-a-go Archery; and a Hog Roast and delicious doughnuts for your refreshment.

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First school signs up for Art Exhibition

The first school has signed up for the King Harold Day Schools’ ArtWHX Primary School Exhibition, and we are delighted to welcome the new Waltham Holy Cross Primary School, which readers will know as the former separate Infant and Junior Schools.

The two Waltham Holy Cross schools have been with us from our very first year, twelve years ago, and have produced some outstanding work.   We look forward to seeing what they come up with this year.

The mighty steed

This brave knight on his charger appeared for International Day of the Dog.   Well they wouldn’t take up as much room as horses!

Medieval dog with knight rider

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On General Election day here’s a look at medieval elections

We tend to think that elections are a relatively modern Medieval elction of a Popeoccurrence, but in fact they were used frequently going right back into history.  

We have quite a bit of evidence of elections in medieval times, from Kings to Abbots and Bishops, but those elections, of course, did not have to take notice of any Representation of the People Act or its Corrupt and Illegal Practices! King Henry II of England is said to have written to the canons of Winchester, who were about to elect a new Bishop: “I command you to hold a free election, but I do not want you to accept anyone but my clerk Richard, archdeacon of Poitiers.”   And it would be a brave man who would disregard an order like that from a medieval King.

Here’s an interesting article by Professor Björn Weiler of Aberystwyth University in which he looks at some of these elections.

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Medieval river wall found at Houses of Parliament

Exciting news today that a previously undiscovered part of the Medieval wall in Black Rod's Gardenmedieval Palace of Westminster has been found.

Practically all the medieval building disappeared in the great fire of 1834, with only Westminster Hall, the Undercroft Chapel, the Cloisters and Chapter House of St Stephen’s and the Jewel Tower surviving. After the fire the present gothic-style building was erected.

Now work going on to construct a new basement transformer room in Black Rod’s Garden, (at the House of Lords end of the site), has uncovered some exciting discoveries.   The Museum of London Archaeology experts have found a medieval river wall.   The stone wall dates from about 1300 and stands  about nine feet high.   Then in front of the stone wall were the oldest finds, timber beams from a waterfront retaining wall dating from before the 13th century. 

Both the stone wall and the timber remains are in quite good condition and, having been recorded, have been re-covered using sand. 

Here’s the whole story.


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Abandoned Medieval Villages

Historic England has a blog called Heritage Calling.   It has some Wharram Percy abandoned medieval villagesfascinating posts and this one caught our eye.   It is 7 Abandoned Villages That Can Teach Us About Medieval Life and shows aerial pictures of each of the seven which clearly show the layout of a village.

Here’s the link to the post.

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Pitch applications for traders and exhibitors

We are now pleased to receive applications for pitches from Traders and Exhibitors.

There is a Special Early Bird Discount for applications received and paid for by 31st May.

Click on     Pitch Application Forms    in the side menu,

or you can find the pdf Application Form here.      2015 Craft Fair Application Form

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New website coming for King Harold Day

We have a brand new website for King Harold Day coming soon.   Watch out for it.   At the moment it does mean that our existing website will disappear, with a Holding Page for its internet address of

So this Blog will continue to be our window to the world.   All our news will be on here.

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Welcome to Historic England

Today, 1st April 2015, English Heritage has split into two separate parts:-  a charity that looks after the collections of houses, abbeys, castles and their contents;  and Historic England that champions the nation’s wider heritage, running the listing system, dealing with planning matters and giving grants.

We look forward to Historic England’s working with the town of Waltham Abbey to preserve the Abbey Gateway and the monastic remains.   The whole Abbey site is an ancient monument.